The Shirley Warren Lightbulb Community

SHIRLEY WARREN  is a community which cares …

 … about the environment

… about each other

… about how we use our energy

 … about avoiding waste

… about the legacy we are leaving our children

As an initial demonstration of our collective power, the whole community was invited to work together to save as much electricity as we possibly could across the whole of Shirley Warren as part of:  


Sunday 19 November 2017 between 6-7pm

Thanks to everyone who participated.  We have been delighted by the level of participation across the community and the enthusiasm for working together.  We are hopeful that our collective effort has led to an observable reduction in demand at local substations.  We expect some feedback on this in early December.  We will update you as soon as we can.

Let’s maintain our impact as we continue to reduce our use during the peak 4-8pm period.

Thank you again.

SWWT-BigSwitchOff-Info pack

In association with

SAVE - Solent Achieving Value through Efficiency
tEC – The Environment Centre
Scottish & Southern Energy Power Distribution