What is Shirley Warren Working Together?

Shirley Warren Working Together is a group for people living in the locality of Shirley Warren, Southampton.

The group was formed to give residents of the area a voice, and to serve as a platform for people living in the Warren to work together. The group brings together groups and residents who live and work in Shirley Warren.

SWWT was formed with support from SAVE (Solent Achieving Value from Efficiency), a research project by the electric network operator, looking to reduce peak-time energy use. The project is working under three strands:

  • Shirley Warren Working Together to Give the Community A Voice,
  • Shirley Warren Working Together to Make the Community a Better Place,
  • Shirley Warren Working Together to Save Energy.

With support from a local organisation – the Environment Centre – the group meets to discuss issues and ideas within the community, and plan how to address each of the three themes.

Starting off with a Community Cafe (on the green of Shirley Warren Action Church) more and more residents are getting involved, and making use of drop-in sessions by councillors, Citizens Advice, energy-saving advice and more.