Why Do We Need to Reduce Energy on the Grid?

As a society we rely on electricity to power many of the day to day items we use – from lights, washing machines, cookers, TV’s, phones to cars. With electricity usage increasing as we use more appliances that require power the closer we get to seeing the load on our networks reach maximum capacity. As a result more power stations and cleaner greener forms of electricity generation are needed to maintain our supply.  This puts a challenge on the electricity network which in some instances requires a need for upgrade to the existing cables and local sub stations.

As well as protecting our power supply we need to reduce our energy usage to protect the planet. Power stations that burn fossil fuels like coal, gas and oil produce carbon dioxide. The more we use, the more we pollute our planet.

To meet the challenge of a low carbon economy and to allow for a sustainable upgrade of power lines and substations there is an opportunity for consumers to support this change within their local community. Finding ways to encourage people to reduce their energy usage, especially at peak times, coupled with better use of the existing infrastructure (rather than laying new bigger cables) is where the SAVE project comes in.

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SAVE - Solent Achieving Value through Efficiency
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